10 Secrets to Finding the Cheapest UK Car Insurance (Part 4)

The car insurance industry within the UK continues to be a bustling marketplace that consumers can exploit to their own advantage. While many UK road users undergo the annual routine of renewing an old car insurance policy without paying any attention to premiums, the modern consumer understands that there are a number of factors that can influence car insurance rates.

7 – Avoiding Duplicate Car Insurance Coverage

Many motorists who have multiple insurance policies fail to realise that there are items contained within their car insurance coverage that are also covered elsewhere. This results in vehicle owners paying for the same levels of protection on more than one occasion.

As an example, many household insurance policies will extend to legal cover that can be enforced after a road traffic accident. Additionally, some policyholders will obtain membership to a roadside recovery service when this is already included as part of their current car insurance policy. By being aware of the terms and conditions on ALL of your insurance documentation, the chances of purchasing duplicate coverage are greatly reduced.

8 – Bundling your Policies

Many UK residents carry multiple insurance policies to offer protection for the things they value in life. This can include their vehicles, their homes and their personal possessions. Some consumers make the mistake of trying to purchase the cheapest individual polices available and this often means using several different companies. However, most car insurance companies will offer overall discounts of up to 20% if all insurance requirements are bundled into a single purchase.

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