10 Secrets to Finding the Cheapest UK Car Insurance (Part 3)

The car insurance industry within the UK continues to be a bustling marketplace that consumers can exploit to their own advantage. While many UK road users undergo the annual routine of renewing an old car insurance policy without paying any attention to premiums, the modern consumer understands that there are a number of factors that can influence car insurance rates.

5 – Online Discounts

When you purchase a car insurance policy online, many carriers will automatically implement a series of discounts that can go a long way to reducing typical car insurance quotes. An online car insurance purchase will instantly save 10% on premiums because of the reduced overheads that carriers have to pay. Furthermore, the growing number of car insurance companies operating on the internet means that competition is fairly aggressive and cheap online car insurance quotes are a fantastic way for carriers to obtain new business. Always ensure that you are aware of any other discounts that you may be entitled to.

6 – Protect your No-Claims Bonus

Motorists who maintain a safe driving history can qualify for a no-claims bonus and this can reduce car insurance quotes by up to 60%. However, a single accident can wipe out many years of careful driving so it is always advisable to select a protected no-claims option whenever it is made available.

By protecting your no-claims bonus, your car insurance company will waive any additional charges if you subsequently end up in a road traffic accident. Although this additional form of car insurance coverage may add slightly more to an annual premium, the long-term savings can be excellent.

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