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10 Secrets to Finding the Cheapest UK Car Insurance (Part 2)

The car insurance industry within the UK continues to be a bustling marketplace that consumers can exploit to their own advantage. While many UK road users undergo the annual routine of renewing an old car insurance policy without paying any attention to premiums, the modern consumer understands that there are a number of factors that can influence car insurance rates.

3 – Increasing your Excess Figure

When you are comparing car insurance quotes, you will probably notice that many carriers require the policyholder to make a contribution towards the cost of any claims that are made on a policy. This is called the excess figure and like the deductible cost that is seen throughout the United States, a high excess figure will result in cheap auto insurance rates.

If you have managed to maintain a safe driving history because of your commitment to responsible vehicle use, increasing your excess is highly recommended. However, it should always be remembered that any subsequent accidents will result in out-of-pocket expenses that will have to be met.

4 – Improve Vehicle Security

Vehicle security is becoming an increasingly important factor in the world of car insurance quotes and motorists should be aware of the fact that their location will ultimately affect their car insurance rates. Inner-city areas with crime rates can attract incredibly high premiums but this can be offset by having additional security features, such as GPS satellite tracking systems and immobilisers, fitted to your car. Safe overnight parking will also contribute to cheap car insurance rates.

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