10 Secrets to Finding the Cheapest UK Car Insurance (Part 1)

The car insurance industry within the UK continues to be a bustling marketplace that consumers can, to a certain degree, exploit to their own advantage. Although many road users simply undergo the annual routine of renewing an old policy without out really paying much attention to premiums, the modern consumer understands that there are a number of different factors that can influence car insurance rates.

1 – Shop around for Cheap Car Insurance

One of the most important aspects of sourcing cheap car insurance is shopping around for the best possible deal. The Association of British Insurers has carried out extensive research and revealed that consumers can save up to 35% on a typical car insurance premium by comparing quotes from different companies. If you already have a current policy in place, never assume that renewal is the cheapest way to obtain preferential car insurance rates.

By checking online for car insurance quotes, consumers can find some excellent deals that are specifically targeted towards new customers. A series of online discounts are now applied through a large number of price comparison websites and by comparing car insurance quotes through a dedicated web platform such as the one provided by Promiga, excellent savings can be enjoyed.

2 – Choosing the Right Car

Your choice of vehicle will be instrumental in obtaining cheap car insurance quotes. High performance models, sports cars and classic vehicle will all attract large car insurance premiums so it is advisable to drive a smaller, older vehicle until a history of no-claims bonuses has been built. It is also recommended that cars which have a tendency to be targeted for theft are best avoided.

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