10 Common Questions About Auto Insurance Quotes in Massachusetts

Common Questions About Car Insurance Quotes in Massachusetts

1. I Am a Vehicle Owner in Massachusetts. What Type of Auto Insurance Will I Be Expected to Purchase?

There are a series of mandatory auto insurance requirements that must be met by all road users in Massachusetts. Motorists must carry $20,000 worth of bodily injury liability per person, $40,000 worth of property damage liability per accident and $5,000 worth of property damage liability. It is also compulsory to purchase personal injury protection to the value of $8,000. At the present time, there is no mandatory requirement to obtain uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage.

2. Why Do the Minimum Requirements Seem so High?

Massachusetts operates as a no-fault state. When motorists are involved in a road traffic accident, any subsequent claims for personal injury or property damage are made through one’s own auto insurance company. Personal injury protection, for example, is an additional compulsory coverage that isn’t always required in states which operate under the Tort system.  Under Tort laws, liability costs are met by the insurance company of the at-fault motorist.

3. If I want to increase my auto insurance coverage, what other policy add-ons are recommended?

As mentioned before, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage isn’t compulsory but it is certainly recommended, especially as there a growing number of motorists operating their vehicles illegally in the state of Massachusetts. Additionally, collision coverage and comprehensive insurance should be considered if you are the owner of a new or nearly-new car. These add-ons cover almost all eventualities although roadside assistance and GAP insurance are also worthwhile considerations.

4. Where should I go to find the cheapest auto insurance quotes?

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we actually try to look at coverage in a slightly different light. Don’t be fooled into thinking that cheap auto insurance quotes are always the best. A solid auto insurance policy will usually be an effective combination of the right type of coverage at a cost-effective price. More often than not, cheap auto insurance policies leave motorists insufficiently covered and this can lead to enormous out-of-pocket expenses after a road traffic accident. The level of coverage purchased is every bit as important as the price you pay.

5. How do I know if I have enough auto insurance cover?

This can be a particularly difficult area to gauge but the following recommendations usually provide a good guideline. If you are driving an older vehicle with a low market value, there’s little point in purchasing add-ons like collision coverage of comprehensive insurance. In many cases, the cost of repairs will outweigh the value of the vehicle and settlement fees on old models that are declared a total loss are notoriously low. However, these extra features can be ideal for newer models. It should be noted that all motorists, irrespective of the vehicle they are driving, should carry liability insurance to the highest affordable level. Our detailed library of informative articles is ideal for helping you make the best possible policy purchase.

6. Where will I find auto insurance policies that meet my requirements?

Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes provide a vast range of suitable policy options for motorists of all categories. We have built our reputation on excellent levels of customer service and are fully dedicated to helping you find the best auto insurance quotes for all of your coverage requirements. We sincerely believe that our dedicated website is one of the most comprehensive price comparison resources available and because we only specialize in online auto insurance quotes, our service isn’t compromised by unnecessary profiteering.

7. Those are very bold claims. Can you justify them?

Of course! Promiga works in partnership with a huge number of specialist auto insurance providers. Every single one has enjoyed excellent reviews in consumer studies and come with a maximum A-rating. This means they are financially stable, have a record of unrivalled customer service and can always handle claims efficiently. Most of our partners are household names that advertise nationally and this enables our customers to make policy purchases with complete confidence.

8. Isn’t this going to make my auto insurance quotes more expensive?

Not at all! For a start, Promiga only provide free auto insurance quotes so our customers are never charged a fee or commission for using our services. More importantly, our partners are competing for business on a head-to-head basis and this makes our policies much more competitive in terms of price. For an effective balance of detailed coverage and affordability, we firmly believe that our auto insurance quotes are some of the best to be found in the current marketplace.

9. If I apply for a large number of auto insurance quotes, am I going to be hassled by salespeople?

No. Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes never ask for personal information and all of our providers can offer potential policies and premiums with just a Massachusetts ZIP code. There will be no inconvenient phone calls and no annoying junk mail. The only time you will be asked to divulge personal information is when you are finally ready to commit to a policy purchase and even then, you will only be giving your details to a single company who will have no interest in passing on your details to rival operators.

10. Surely you want me to purchase a policy through your website? Will I be pressured into parting with my money?

Absolutely not! All of our online auto insurance quotes are provided on an obligation-free basis. In the unlikely event that you eventually choose to purchase a policy elsewhere, we still believe that you’ll be so impressed with our products and service that you’ll readily recommend us to family and friends. We’d rather sell you our reputation as being one of the best price comparison options available on the internet as this is more likely to generate business than simply forcing you into a purchase that you aren’t completely delighted with.

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